Our Mission

What is the problem?
Whether we like it or not, we are bombarded with streams of information every day. However, too often we find ourselves taking a back seat and allowing the information we receive to drive our bias according to the idea that the media ‘personalised’ for us. Instead of actively seeking out different viewpoints, we allow our thinking ‒ and eventually our beliefs ‒ to be shaped by what we read, what we watch and what we accept.

To make matters worse, once we have formed our bias, we interpret information in the way that we want it to be; after all, accepting opposing viewpoints makes us uncomfortable. When we find ourselves in a situation where some people have completely opposite views to a seemingly straightforward topic, we like to believe we are ‘right’. But here at Know All Sides, there are no right or wrong answers.

How can we help?
Our team at Know All Sides created this platform for you to explore a diverse set of perspectives and we encourage you to be aware of your bias (even the slightest!). Through our weekly newsletter, we will provide you with different views on a current issue. You don’t have to agree entirely with what the other side of the story tells you. But sometimes, two entirely opposite perspectives can be completely valid in different ways. 

We want you to challenge your bias and ask yourself,
"Have I considered a different perspective?"

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